The Sign up offer is intended to be sent to "brand new" customers who visit your business "after" you have set up the sign up offer. So the reasons a customer may not receive your sign up offer are:

1. They have already done business with you previously, and we have a prior transaction record

2. They signed up for your marketing program before you set up your offer

3. Or, they have not opted in to receiving your marketing promotions

If you wish to send an offer to all your customers (including previous customers), please set up a custom offer. This will help you reach the intended customer base.

Make sure your customers have signed up for your marketing on Clover.


Customer preferences

The Customer Marketing Preference feature is a useful tool that helps you keep track of which customers are comfortable receiving marketing messages via email. To enable the Marketing Preference entry feature:

  1. Open the Setup app on your Clover device or on the Web Dashboard.
  2. Select the Features category.
  3. Check the checkbox to enable Customer Marketing Preference.
  4. Change the text in the text box to the message that you’d like customers to see when given this option.