1. Every customer transaction in Clover is recorded with a unique customer ID 

2.  If a customer transacts with a credit card, the credit card number is attached to the assigned customer ID, so further purchases by this customer are automatically tracked when they use the same credit card for their purchase transactions with the business

3. When a customer provides an email or phone number, this information is also attached to the customer ID associated with the transaction and a customer record is built

4. If the same customer uses a second and different credit card in a future transaction, normally this would create a new and different customer record, unless the email or phone number provided for this card is that of a pre-existing customer.

5. If a pre-existing email or phone number is provided during a transaction that uses a different credit card, then BuyFi will attach the second credit card and all associated transactions to the pre-existing customer record. This means, a customer can transact with multiple credit cards, and all their transactions will show up as a single customer in the BuyFi customer record. For e.g. if there is a reward for spending $20, the customer can earn this reward by spending $10 each of different credit cards. 

6. Even when a customer pays with cash, as long as they provide an existing email address or phone number during the transaction - credit will be assigned to the email address on record.