The clover customer app has "Marketing Allowed" flag.  Clover "Marketing Allowed" is the master indicator as to whether the customer receives "ANY" marketing communication. SMS Marketing allows customers to indicate further marketing preference to allow SMS Text messages, and also reminders of their punch card status.

In the SMS app - Add/Edit a Customer screen below, you can see these additional flags.

1. Clover Marketing Flag

   1.1. SMS

   1.2. Punch Reminder

If a customer unsubscribes from SMS text marketing, all SMS messages are turned off and this would be equivalent to turning off the Clover Marketing Flag.  A customer may not want to see the punch card reminders, but just receive Punchcard/Other offers. These are all possible through the use to additional flags shown above.

If Clover "Marketing Allowed" flag is turned off, all marketing is turned off, irrespective of the status of the additional SMS marketing preference flags.