If you have an existing list of customer emails/phone numbers that have opted-in to receive your marketing offers you can follow the below steps to import it into UMarket.

1. Go to Customers-> Enroll Customers

2. Download the Sample file and populate your list in the same format as shown in the sample file. You can add Birthday to each customer record, in addition to contact information

3. If you want to import customer segments, then first create these segments under Customers->Customer Segments prior to importing. Name the the segments in your import list the same as the segments created in your dashboard

3. Please make sure to fill up the "Marketing Allowed" column to "Yes" in the csv file for those eligible customers to receive your offers

4. You can leave "Customer Since" column empty.  If you do want to provide date, please check carefully to make sure the dates are in a valid format

5. Next click on "Import CSV" to begin importing

6. The Customers in your list will be imported and synced with your Clover Customers database as well

You are now set to market to these customers