We will help you craft the perfect marketing program for your business. From the simple to the more sophisticated - it is all easy to set up. Select from an a la carte selection of offer types and create the ones that best suits your needs. 

  • Sign Up Offer - Offer is sent to customers who newly sign up since the offer was created

  • Top Customer Offer - You set the spend target amount. All customers who meet this target will receive this offer. Select the target amount that will trigger the reward,

  • Punchcard Offer - This offer is valid when a customer visits X times and spends a minimum $X . Business sets the value of X is, a business can even limit the punch cards to be valid for transactions during certain window of the day (for e.g. lunch/dinner hours only etc)

  • Win Back Offer  - This offer is valid when a customer has not visited for X days, business sets the value of X

  • Birthday Offer - This offer is sent on a customer's birthday and expires at midnight. A reminder is sent X days before the birthday and the business selects the value of X 

  • Promotional Offer:  Send promotions based on calendar holidays

  • Custom Offer: Send promotions based on rainy days, game days and special events.