SMS Marketing is a complete sales and marketing automation software service for small businesses combining CRM, sms marketing, offer redemptions and performance tracking at the point-of-sale. SMS Marketing collects credit card purchase data on your Clover station to identify your best customers and your lost customers – and automatically sends the right offers to the right customers at the right time to grow your sales. Social and Mobile customers simply join with a mobile phone number and use their credit cards as usual. 

You now have a series of "set-it-and-forget-it' marketing programs to gain new customers and retain existing ones. Convert shoppers who have only purchased once into Returning Customers (2x buyers), then into Retained Customers (3 or more purchases), and finally, into Loyal Customers. SMS Marketing also uses purchase history data to trigger automatic Win Back Offers to bring back customers who used to purchase frequently but have not bought recently, and renews their loyalty to your business. And there's more.. You can also send your promotions to your customers on special days like holidays, game day and birthdays, and even post your promotions automatically to facebook and twitter.