1. Launch the Umarket app, create a signup offer. 

2. Add a customer on your Clover Customers app with an email and opt-in to marketing (check box checked and save). 

3. You should see the email you signed up with under Customers->enrolled customers in the UMarket app and receive a signup offer in your email. 

4. Click on the "Use This Coupon Now" to reveal the QR code on your phone. 

5. On the Clover Register app, when you are on the Pay screen, tap the umarket button. This will bring up the scanner, point the QR code to the scanner, the discount gets applied automatically and you should be able to proceed with the transaction and hit done. 

6. You(the owner) will always recieve an email whenever there is a redemption with offer type, user email that redeemed and the time stamp.