All offer emails go out during 7AM-10PM. 

Sign up offer: Any customers that sign up to your marketing program past 10 PM will receive their offer email the next morning

Birthday offer: Customers will receive their birthday offer first thing in the morning and it expires at midnight the same day

Promotional offer: Once you set a promotional offer - it goes out the next calendar day

Custom offer: If the custom offer is set in the 7 AM - 10 PM window, then the offer goes out immediately. If not, then it goes out the next morning

NOTE: If you have subscribed to the SMS tier. SMS offers work slightly differently and follow the standard SMS best practices. Customers with phone numbers who opted into marketing will be sent opt-in messages, if they subscribe to the opt-in then the offers will be sent out. All SMS offers go out during 8AM-7PM so as to not incovenience the customer.