Customer preferences

The Customer Marketing Preference feature is a useful tool that helps you keep track of which customers are comfortable receiving marketing messages via email. To enable the Marketing Preference entry feature:

  1. Open the Setup app on your Clover device or on the Web Dashboard.
  2. Select the Features category.
  3. Check the checkbox to enable Customer Marketing Preference.
  4. Change the text in the text box to the message that you’d like customers to see when given this option.

After each transaction, ask your customer to join your marketing program with an email address and/or phone number to receive your discounts and promotions. 

1. On Register when you are on the Payments screen, you will see a UMarket button. 

2. Tapping on the UMarket button will bring up the below pop up box with the following options -  lookup an existing customer, add new customer or simply validate the UMarket coupon by the scanning the QR code. 

3. Tapping on "Lookup an Existing Customer" allows you to check if a customer is already signed up to receive your promotions. You can search by name, email or phone number.

4. Tapping on Create a New Customer allows you to add a new customer to your rewards program. At a minimum you need their email and/or phone number and check the "Has allowed marketing". The information entered and saved will automatically get synched with the Clover Customer app

5. Tapping on Scan Code brings up the clover scanner and validates the offer "QR code" and applies the discount to the order.