Let’s start by talking about the various offer types you have at your disposal.

  • Sign up offer enables you to thank your customers for signing up to receive your marketing promotions.
  • Punch card offer rewards customers based on the number of times they purchase from your business.
  • Top offer rewards customers based on the amount they spend at your business.
  • Win back offer provides incentives to customers who have not visited your store recently and renews their loyalty to your business.
  • Birthday offer allows you to invite customers to your business on their special day.
  • promotional offer is designed to drive customers into your store on calendar holidays.
  • custom offer is sent on any day you decide for any event you’d like to celebrate like game days or just to invite more customers in on your lean days. Setting up an offer is simple: decide on the title, description and images you’d like to embed in each offer and save each offer for automatic delivery to your customers.