1. Make sure that your email/phone is registered as customer in your store and marketing flag is turned on. If you do not have a customer yet, please add a customer on your BuyFi CRM app (Free) or Clover Customer app, with an email/phone and opt-in to marketing (check box checked and save). 

2. Launch the Umarket/SMS Marketing app, and start creating a custom offer.

3. Select "Selected customer" as below screenshot to send the offer to yourself.

4. Write your email/phone as below screenshot. Also complete the rest of the fields as you want the real offer to your customers should be:

5. Send/Save the offer, so it will be sent to your email/phone. You can redeem and apply discount to clover order from this test offer.

6. Once you are happy with the offer view. Please repeat the above steps; this time send to All Customers, or to any target customer group/segment.