The customers app is the only way to currently add a customer phone number on Clover. it can be very cumbersome to hop from the register app to the customers app and back when you are busy transacting with your customers. So we have improved upon this clover experience where you never have to leave the register app. Simply here is how it works.

1. In the register app, tap the pay button

2. Next on the Pay screen - tap on the BuyFi app you have installed.  As shown below, tap on SMS Marketing or UMarket or Insights Unlocked or Referral Reward button. This brings up a screen as shown in step 3.


3. Next, Look up an Existing Customer, or if new customer tap "Create a New Customer" to display a customer record

4. In the Customer record, you can now add a phone number (and name/email) 

5. Save the changes and continue with the transaction. Changes to the customer record are automatically synced to the Customers app.

There you go, it is that simple to now add information to the customer record during your transaction flow without leaving the register app.