Accelerate your growth by amplifying the power of “Word of Mouth”.   

Referral reward encourages your customers to tell their friends about your store and makes it easy for them to share your offers. Referral rewards are set up in minutes.  To get started, simply create a referral reward for your customers, and a friend offer for their friends. The rest works automatically. Here is how.

Meet Jane.

When Jane buys something from your store, this Referral reward app sends Jane an email on your behalf inviting her to your referral program. 


This email will tell her what referral reward she will earn for introducing her friends to your store. Your friend offer encourages Jane’s friends to make a purchase.

Jane refers Tom to your store with an email address. 

If Tom is a brand new customer, he receives the friend offer coupon.

When Tom is ready to make a purchase he can use the friend coupon and complete his purchase. 

Referral reward tracks a referred purchase and sends Jane the referral reward for referring Tom. 

As more and more customers participate in your referral program, the power of word of mouth is amplified.