Customers – the Customers section provides a segmented view with your customers categorized into

  • Enroll Customers - See the total # of total customers, # of customers enrolled to your marketing program and total # of  card linked customers. 

  •  Importing/Exporting  Customers – A business can import customers into the system by creating a .csv file in the same format as the sample provided. They can also export their customer list to a .csv

    In addition to the below pre-segmented customers a merchant can add "Custom Segments" based on data the system is integrating. These "Customer Segments" will then appear as one of the target groups to market to during Promotional and Custom offer setup. Note, if you are importing pre-segmented customers from a file, please ensure the segment with the exact "name" as in the file has been created under Customers->Customer Segments first. 

  • Top Spenders – your high spender customers
  • Repeat Customers – your frequent customers
  • Recent Customers – customers with recent purchases
  • Enrolled Customers – customers who enrolled in your marketing program with an email or an email + card link
  • Favorite Customer - A enrolled customer’s record can be opened and marked as an favorite