The CRM app collects customer data  from your interactions with your customers automatically. This is used to send email and SMS marketing messages, and to immediately respond to customers, request reviews and feedback. The set-it-and-forget-it marketing programs run automatically to bring you more customers, is easy to use, measurable, and effective.

Detailed Features:
1. Automatically creates customer profiles with each transaction
2. Builds your customer directory, right in your Clover point of sale
3. Groups customers based on how often they visit to send more effective SMS & email campaigns, and keep your business top of mind

4. Allows you to create your own groups that are specific to your business and needs, and send SMS & email campaigns offers to these groups
4. Sends offers to your new, and loyal customers, to increase visits
5. Sends your lapsed customers a special promotion asking them to return
6. Invite your customers to upcoming events
7. Ask your best customers for an online Yelp review to promote your business

Benefits from the above features:
1. Your customers will return more often to your store
2. Uses built-in Facebook & Yelp connections to attract new customers
3. Increases the average purchase size of your shoppers