How to Post a Customer Enrollment Widget in Your Facebook Feed

Posting the customer enrollment widget on the news feed of your Facebook business page is a good way to collect new customers or additional customer information. Posting the widget  takes only a few seconds, and you have options to customize the post before you publish it. Here is an example of a widget embedded into a Facebook page.

1. Locate the enrollment widget in your CRM, in the"Add Customer" page

2. Click on the blue Facebook embed button

3. Copy the widget by clicking on the blue copy embed code button.

3. Access your Facebook business page

4. Click in the text box below the Status section and type a brief description or call-to-action for your customers.

5. Paste the link into the status box. Do this with "Ctrl-V" or right-click in the box and select "Paste." Press "Enter" before pasting to place the link on a separate line from anything you've typed already. After the widget "Loyalty Program" appears, go ahead and delete the embed code you pasted. You can customize the post by adding additional images. The text and graphic of the preview leads the viewer to the customer enrollment widget.

6. Click the drop-down menu beside the "Publish" button to schedule the post. The customer enrollment widget is public and visible to facebook followers of your business, and you can purchase further page boost from Facebook.

7. What does it mean to boost a Facebook post?

When you boost a post, your customer enrollment widget is optimized to reach people within your audience who are likely to take some action on your widget, like enrolling with an email or phone number or sharing it. If you're boosting the widget post, you should have the following goals in mind:

  • To reach more people for customer enrollment through your widget post.

  • To increase customer enrollment through your widget post and related social media activity like more Shares, Comments, Likes, Photo Clicks, Video Views, etc.

  • Keep in mind that your post may drive multiple positive outcomes like Page Likes. However, these positive outcomes aren't what your boost post is optimized for and shouldn't be your primary goal. If you're looking to optimize for other outcomes, check out the other promotions you can make from your business Page.

8. Customer enrollment widget appears to facebook users as shown below. Make sure you have already setup a "Sign Up" reward so you offer value to customers en exchange for their contact information for future customer engagement activities. The "Sign Up" reward can be set up in the Create-Campaign section under the Marketing tab in the CRM app.